Web to App for Android


Web to App is a 360 degree solution to serve your current website or offline web page to the user with some native like user experience. You can turn your website into an android app in minutes and also supercharge your website with some native features and ui.
This app provides tons of customization options and features so that your user don’t miss anything. From push notification to monetization, from color customization to caching web page everything is provided in this single application to build an ultimate native like experience. And you don’t need to be an expert to modify and implement these features.
Here is the detailed feature list:
Convert responsive website into App with powerful chrome engine
Multiple type of homepage with different look and feel
Normal toolbar page with Navigation drawer
Fullscreen web view
Tabbed page
Bottom navigation page
Page without any Ad
Page transiation animation
Complete material design
Multi color theme template
Optimized for all size of screen
App drawer menu with all useful options
Pull to refresh and manual refresh option for page reloading
Search content inside the page
Capability to use cookie
Page zoom controller
Load in app offline HTML page
HTML5 game playing capability
Load title from web
Support vibration
Download file directly from app
Offline site caching to make it work without internet connection
Firebase analytics to analize users behavier
Complete Admob integration (banner and full-screen ad)
In app document viewer with powerful google doc viewer
Document: DOC, DOCX
PDF file
Excel sheet: XLS, XLSX
Presentation: PPT, PPTX
And other document format
Added various way to provide support
Call support
Message support
Email support
Support through facebook messenger
A complete settings page to customize app settings
Notification ON/OFF
Select font size
Native push notification, in app notification panel and history
Push message and headline
Push with a new web URL
Keep push notification history and show number of unread push notification
Operation with native application
Youtube Video
Mapping, deirection and geolocation
Download and upload file using native tools
Call, SMS, Email etc using native app
Brows page using native browser
A complete web page with fully functional HTML, HTML5, CSS, JS operation
CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
Call, Message and Email
File upload and download
View map inside app
Open external map with address and geocode
YouTube and Vimeo video play
Design with material card view
Image slider

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