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Music with soundcloud look is completed app template in native source code of android that help you build very nice music apps on smartphones. The songs, authors, categories, files are managed in web-based Backend by the admin. The app just uses orange theme of Soundcloud, it DOES NOT download or play any songs from Soundcloud API.
The app has a good price since it includes 1 YEAR FREE BUG warranty which is not provided from other authors. So customers can be confident to buy source codes knowing that all bugs will be fixed at no charge by HiCom Solutions. Kindly note that HiCom Solutions is not responsible for bugs caused by your own or any 3rd parties’ modification.
App Features
Categories: songs are categorized for easier browsing such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc.
Search: search songs by song and singer name
Top songs: latest or featured songs
Download, share, set ringtone: to alarm, contact, default ringtone, notification
Sort by: view, download, date
Play list: allow user create play list in his devices
About: describe about the app author
Good apps: redirecting to google plays introducing other apps of this app owner
Load more: to paging the song list
ADMOB integared
Backend Features
Manage songs, singers, composers, categories at website-based backend

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