WordPress NFT Creator 2.1.0


Create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) directly from your WordPress website and submit on the Blockchain. This plugin is the perfect starting point for any NFT Marketplace (WordPress/WooCommerce).
Key Features:
Deploying NFTs to your wallet’s current network.
Single Vendor or Multi Vendor.
Compatible with any blockchain that uses EVM and Solidity.(Polygon, ETH, BSC, etc.)
Restrict networks that you don’t want to deploy to.
Upload your users assets locally or leverage them to Moralis
Automatically mints your first nft
Easy Installation & Setup
Extensive Offline & Online Documentation, made with Documenter
Fast as lightning and easy to use
Easy to use Settings Panel
Translatable & WPML Ready
Backend/Frontend made with VueJS + Ant
Responsive Layout
Build your NFT Marketplace with iBid NFT Marketplace theme – Live Demo
Add-ons (not included)

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