Phone EMF Detector – Ultimate – ElectroSmart – EMF Meter – Radiation Detector – Android Application


Electromagnetic field (EMF) helps you understand the radiation around you. Once you know how much EMF is there around you or how much you is causing the radiation. You can avoid place where there is high EMF to not risk your life with radiation.
Phone EMF Detector detects magnetic field exposed on your phone networks using multiple ways. Move near suspected device your phone and its generates how much is the EMF radiation.
There is two things to check EMF 1. EMF Detection Detect magnetic field to get accurate result with how much radiation around you. It is really harmful and you need try to stay away as much as possible. There are three ways to detect EMF a. EMF Meter : Move your device and check your EMF value in meter with its calibration value and also check EMF if it is low, moderate or strong easily b. EMF Digital : Check EMF value in digital way with μT unit with its X, Y, Z Values. c. EMF Graph : You can also get graphical representation of EMF radiation nearest with suspected device.

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