Education app with quiz + notes + exam paper sharing (Android and iOS)


An education app for Example paper,notes sharing and playing the quiz.
Features list
1. Manual and social logins
2. Quiz
3. Exam paper and notes sharing
4. To the point question answers
5. Daily quiz
6. PDF Books reading
7. Earn coins to unlock books
8. Admin can sell books
9. Admob
10. Reward ads
11. In app purchase for remove ads and buy coins
12. Share score on social media
13. Rate app
14. Contact us, about us etc screens
Many more features
Admin pannel
1. Add quiz
2. Add books
3. Add exam papers
4. Add notes
5. Add categories
6. Add books
7. Add course
8. Add to the point questions
9. Add daily quiz
10. Reminder

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