Android Place Finder (Near Me,Tourist Guide,City Guide,Explore Location, Admob with GDPR)


Place Finder is a Free Android Application. The purpose of this Application is just simplified your Place. With this template you can create your own place finder application with attractive design.Place Finder is the best app for the users, it makes very easy to find ATMS,MEDICALS,RESTAURANTS and more.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.
Android Side
Attractive UI with Material Design
Easy, Powerfull, Secure & Responsive admin panel to add the records
Login/Register within app
Multiple Images of place
Rate places you likes
User can watch video of place
Display User profile
Display Place Full Details
Admob integrated: Banner and Interstitial ads
Add to favourite option
Share on social networks, or email/SMS to a friend
Only Android Studio Project
PSD Design
Admin Side
Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
Display All Details Uploaded
Easily Add-Delete-Update All Details
Json Service
What You Get:
Full Android Source Code
Full Php Code of Server Side
Full Document with Screen Shot
PSD Design

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